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World of Warcraft - Death Knight by beethy World of Warcraft - Death Knight :iconbeethy:beethy 3,969 148 Armature Plush - Mituna Captor by pupukachoo Armature Plush - Mituna Captor :iconpupukachoo:pupukachoo 2,131 236 Blast Away - Pose Reference by SenshiStock Blast Away - Pose Reference :iconsenshistock:SenshiStock 835 62
Karkat x Reader -- God Tiers (Part 4)
             ((It’s been a while, but I finally found the time to write the fourth part to this series.
             Warning: Language))
      You opened your eyes and a wave of panic startled you awake. Your eyes adjusted to the dim lighting and you realized that your surroundings were unfamiliar. It didn’t take long for you to realize where you were, though. The room was bigger than you were used to by far. The reason why everything looked so dim was because all the walls were painted black and the thick red curtains were mostly pulled over the window. It had the feel of a room that hadn’t been used in a couple of months, though in your opinion it was beautiful. There was a little more furniture in the room, all black and elegantly styled. Very modernly gothic. The clock flashing to your right said that the time was a little past the eleventh hour of the d
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Sollux vs. Psiioniic by C33you Sollux vs. Psiioniic :iconc33you:C33you 1,434 187 Those suave troll boys by demograph Those suave troll boys :icondemograph:demograph 579 126 Okami Amaterasu Necklace by Gatobob Okami Amaterasu Necklace :icongatobob:Gatobob 1,819 131
Going away+25 Points Giveaway! (WINNER)
Winner is :iconClovis-thecutestcat: Congrats!
Thank you everyone who commented/participated! <3
Hey guys!
I will be going on vacation to China this Friday (8/15/14)! I'm so excited! Llama Emoji-39 (Eager) [V2] Only for 2 weeks though, which sucks Llama Emoji-08 (Crying) [V1] 
DON'T WORRY I WILL STILL BE ON DA (maybe) I stuffed a bunch of art works in and I will be uploading them throughout the 2 weeks.....unless there is no internet O_o
*Winner will get 25 :points:*
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Human!Karkat x Reader-Grumpy roommate [14 Ending]
But unfortunately, you woke up in your bed, having cold sweat dripping down your back. Your eyes darted around the room, to find it the way it was in your dream, or years ago. The crib was there and Ashley's toy was lying around on the floor. You didn't realize it, but beside you, in the bed was no Dave.
In the bed next to you, was Karkat, lying with his back to you and sleeping soundly. The door was open a few inches and let some light from the hallway in. Your eyes widened, at the sight of your husband, just lying there beside you, breathing slowly and sleeping soundly. You slowly reached over and shook his shoulder gently, just to check if he was real, which he was. Your hand connected with his warm skin of his shoulder, and as you shook it, he grumbled before lazily turning towards you, having one eye open and starring at you questioning. "What the fuck are you doing up at this hour? Not even Ashley is up yet, and that says somethin- humpf!" You cut him off, pullin
:iconfanficbina:fanficbina 90 144
Just a Moirail (2)
Heavy breathing obscured any words that attempted to escape your throat as heavy waves of heat from the physical exertion rendered you almost immobile. 
Your partner in crime was currently hovering over your helpless figure, fingers wiggling tauntingly before diving in for the kill, causing a surprised yelp to escape your mouth. 
"Cr-Cro-" you couldn't even manage to speak his name properly, stuttering over the syllables much like he did when he became flustered and his accent became thick. Drawing in a shuttering breath through clenched teeth, you attempted one last hurrah and wrapped your legs around his narrow hips, using the shock your movements had clearly caused him to your advantage and twisted your body until you both had flipped on your sides, giving you the perfect opportunity to domineer over him. You pushed up on your hands and knees and pinned him underneath you, trapping him in a cage of limbs while staring him down with a devious smirk. 
"N-nowv, Kitten,"
:iconjixiu:jixiu 76 18
Kankri x Reader Age? Just a number! part 1
Kankri x Reader Age? Just a number! Part 1
            “Okay Kankri. Are you ready to enter the human world?” Mysterious voice asks, a boy wearing a red Turtle Neck sweatshirt nods his head. “Yes of course I am.” The Mysterious voice replies, “Okay. Don’t forget that we couldn’t change your horns or bulge, so try hard to hide them. And don’t fall in love with any human.”
       Kankri blushes red, he yells out “I would never! Ah! Do I need to lecture you about triggers!” Kankri hisses at the mysterious voice. “Okay Okay! Just jump in the portal already!” the Mysterious voice spats back.
       Kankri nods, jumping into the portal.
POV Reader
   Oh No! It seems you’re late for your third day of school. You turn over your bed, annoyed by the rude awakening. But then quickly spring up, to check the time. “Oh Fudge in a monkey’s butt with cherries and cookie dust everywher
:iconlaylayjoan98:LaylayJoan98 230 88
.:Happy Alcoholic Drinks again:. by The-Butcher-X .:Happy Alcoholic Drinks again:. :iconthe-butcher-x:The-Butcher-X 876 354 .:Reverse 3:. by The-Butcher-X .:Reverse 3:. :iconthe-butcher-x:The-Butcher-X 4,178 308 .:Happy Cigarettes:. by The-Butcher-X .:Happy Cigarettes:. :iconthe-butcher-x:The-Butcher-X 816 483 .:Happy Alcoholic Drinks:. by The-Butcher-X .:Happy Alcoholic Drinks:. :iconthe-butcher-x:The-Butcher-X 971 324 .:Happy Drugs again:. by The-Butcher-X .:Happy Drugs again:. :iconthe-butcher-x:The-Butcher-X 887 595


Untitled by
Sketches will be done very quickly, fast, and yeah blarb
they will be done fast like sketches but just outlined black or whatever color you want
It will be done fast, neatly, outlined, and shaded blarb
it won't be done fast but it will be neat, outlined, shaded, and colored 
Internet colored
It won't be done fast but it will be neat, shaded, and colored 
Welp looks like I can never keep to my word. (Man has it really been a year since I last posted it some shit?) Anyway I'm going to clean up my account, make it look nicer and not like a 12 year old who tries to make a cool account but fails. I Mean I'm 15, gotta make this look like I'm 15. Ill probably come back in another year and say that I am embarrassed for even changing it but that's future Alex's problem. But back to my main point, I'm going to post some better( who am I kidding anything is better than my old art) pictures, I'll probably do this for a week and leave again for another year. I'm not into creepy pasta,(Jeff, Ben, Slender, etc.) I mean it still fun to look at pictures of it but I'm not as obsessed with it as I used to be. Also I'm kinda done with sonic as well, I may draw some( ha prolly not) but yea that's sorta out. I'm now into, drumroll please, Homestuck, OFF by Mortis Ghost, Gravity Falls, Mlp( just a lil bit), Five Nights at Freddy's, and other wonderful fandoms. Hmm, can really think of much more to say, I guess this is where I take my leave then. I'll keep who ever actually reads this( which is no one, I know... Shut up) posted. Goodbye
*ollie outies*
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